Hope-filled Living in Turbulent Times is a six-session, ONLINE course.

Hope is yearning for something possible that is not yet certain. We know the COVID-19 crisis, social and political tensions, plus many other stressors leave us facing turbulent times. Where do we find hope? How do we preserve and protect our emotional health? This course is designed to provide practical tools to cultivate hope, peace, and well-being. Hope is a choice you can make. This course shows you how!

Session 1

Me Managing Me!

Control what you can control and don’t waste brain power and conversations around what you can’t control!

Session 2

Relate Don’t React

People can’t self-motivate out of a crisis. Self-motivation is referred to as intrinsic motivation, whereby the inspiration or drive comes from within a person.

Cultivating Gratitude Reduces Stress

Relationships are strengthened when we remember who and what we are thankful for and then verbalize that gratitude with one another.

Session 4

Don’t Ride the

Roller Coaster of Life Alone

Relationships are one of the keys to hope: Don’t be alone!

Session 5

Caring Connections Brings the Hope of Improved Relationships

Relational connecting with those we care about is critical to mental and emotional health, especially during these chaotic times of pandemic and racial tensions.

Session 6

Practicing Kindness Reduces Stress

Always consider others’ needs, not just your own. In this way, you’ll be able to maintain happiness and serenity in relationships.